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Space planning involves taking a room’s size, requirements and functions into consideration before deciding the placement of home interior objects. This is to achieve the goal of a comfortable room that is functional, flexible and efficient. Such a process involves having the knowledge of furniture size and proportion, allowances, understanding of space adjacency

and relationships before allocating and dividing the interior spaces to meet needs of homeowners.

Why it is Important: Before you decide on the home interior design, it is important that you complete a proper space planning exercise for your home. This is because space planning is the first step towards building an efficient and functional home as it maximizes all the available interior home space. Therefore, space planning is the most vital aspects of interior design since getting this step right will make a huge impact on how you live, work, play and interact with each other at home.

Home Renovation Professionals are trained in Space Planning: It is recommended that you hire an experienced home renovation professional since he or she has been trained in space planning. In addition, these home renovation professionals have the necessary practical, hands-on expertise to manage spaces efficiently in numerous ways.

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