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If you’ve spent any time walking down old residential streets, you’ve seen window AC units. They’re big, clunky boxes secured in open windows that are supposed to contain everything you need to cool down a room.

That right there is the problem; they cool down a room, not a whole house.

Some people opt for multiple window AC units to solve that problem, but we have to ask: is that really the best way to go?

Wouldn’t it be better to opt for a system that is unobtrusive, easily programmable, cost-efficient, and adds value to your home?

That’s what you get with a central air conditioner.

We’re breaking down the central air vs. window unit discussion to show that when it comes to energy efficiency and cost-cutting, a central air conditioner will always come out on top.

1. It’s Cost-Efficient

2. It’s Quiet

3. It’s Safer

4. It’s Easier to Operate

5. It Helps With Air Quality

6. It Adds Value

Central Air For the Win

We aren’t saying window units don’t work; they do the job for small apartments and people who are renting. But when it comes to a home, you need something that can do the whole job, and do it well.

We’ll Help You Choose The One That’s Right For You

A central air conditioner is an option that makes a lot of sense for your Toronto home. Now that you’ve committed to going central, you need to find the one that works best for you.

We carry a variety of high-quality units from the biggest names in the business, and we can help you find the one that, like Cinderella’s slipper, fits just so.

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